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About us

Amy Christenson - Above&


International People Leader, HR Strategist, Leadership Coach - currently People Director @


Rich Littledale, CPsychol - PeopleUp


Psychologist, Leadership Consultant, Founder Coach


Craig Winterton - Atypic


People/Learning Expert, Startup Head of People - currently People & Culture @ Deepmind


We've worked with Startups

What our clients have said about the clinic


"Taking 90 minutes out of our day for the Startup People Clinic was a great decision. They are clearly experts in their subjects, and know startups really well. They gave us lots of useful advice and coaching, but also helped us to validate and sense check the work we've done on People already. If you have current people challenges, or if you just care about people and want your startup to be the best it can be, spend some time with the Startup People Clinic."

"It was great, we felt listened to and understood, and it got us to focus on the big challenges ahead, as we grow from one stage to another. It also reassured us that we had the right processes in place."


We focus on three critical areas



The catalyst that could help you get to the next level as a leader and business

Advice and Design

Expert and evidence-based recommendations to various People challenges

and there are three ways we can help

Implementation Support

Hands on implementation as a temporary part of your team

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