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Startup People Clinic

Making People your strength and competitive advantage

A great founder is full of big questions


​ People Leadership

  • How do I make and communicate hard decisions in a way I can live with?

  • How do I tell people I have to make them redundant?

  • How do I lead effectively when there is increased uncertainty, and without face to face contact?

  • What should I focus on to add most value?

  • How do I make my board meetings more effective and useful?


Many of these are about people

​ People Strategy

  • How do I take advantage of the current talent market to strengthen the team?

  • If choices have to be made that will negatively impact people, how do I do that without damaging our culture?

  • How do I know who in the team is likely to make the best leader?

  • How do I make sure people are growing, developing and being recognised for that?

And founders often have to find the answers on their own


​ People Operations/Execution

  • What are my options if I need to cut people costs (furlough etc)?

  • ​How do I onboard people when we now work virtually?

  • What do I need to deal with a performance issue, and how do I do it on Zoom?

  • How should I manage promotions and compensation reviews?


Startup People Clinic can help

Our mission: to give startups the coaching, advice and practical support to make people their strength and competitive advantage.

Startup People Clinic is a partnership between Amy Christenson (Above&), Rich Littledale (PeopleUp) and Craig Winterton (Atypic). Between us we bring deep people insight from business psychology and coaching, pragmatism from our time in-house, and experience supporting leading startups.

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